WAC Studio

The growth of your brand,
beyond the confines of Amazon.

WAC Studio is the division dedicated to the development of strategies and content generation for the omnichannel customer experience. For the growth of your brand, in all areas necessary to achieve your business goals.
WAC Studio

Creativity at the service of digital evolution.

Brand design, UX design, visual design, development of web solutions, apps , photography, video, copy, SEO and SEM: we create all the necessary materials for every communication need, within strategies and advertising campaigns developed according to your company's specific goals and needs.
A single referencepoint to generate the most effective engagement with your target audience, ensuring a consistent and coordinated brand experience across all touch points, not just Amazon.
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All the technology you need.

Data analysis , monitoring , management and real time campaign optimisation combined with the design and development of the best performing content.
For your communication needs, we bring all the know how and technological tools we have developed to guarantee our customers the best results in the world's largest marketplace.

Brand design e Corporate

From value to the definition of brand purpose, from the study of brand, logo, tagline, and coordinated image to the creation of all corporate materials.

Graphic design, Packaging, Catalogs

The visual design, implemented in structured paper and typographic solutions, is designed to convey the brand, information, and messages on all necessary company tools in the most functional form.

Web and digital tools

Digital strategy, website, app, and content to generate engagement and ensure the appropriate online user experience.

SEO and positioning

Analysis and monitoring of insights and data, trend listening, and strategic keyword research for implementing and maintaining the brand’s online presence towards the target audience.

ADV Campaing and Video Strategy

Development of concept, art direction, copy, and content design to create advertising campaigns, digital and social media campaigns, and video strategy through an integrated approach, ensuring continuous optimization of results.

Video marketing

Video Communication that Drives Conversions.

In the era of distraction, our brains are bombarded with stimuli and filter out anything that is not easily understandable to preserve energy (unless there is an urgency). That's why it is essential to have tools that can entertain, simplify, synthesize, and educate.
Branded Podcast

Engaging content to connect brands and listeners.

Podcasting is a highly effective way to reach a specific audience and promote products or services in a non-intrusive manner. Users actively choose to listen to podcasts, and they seamlessly integrate with the devices and apps that are an integral part of our lives, including smartphones, voice assistants, and streaming platforms.

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