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The entrance of your company into Amazon offers multiple opportunities. A structured universe of tools to increase sales that is not always easy to manage, which we can simplify thanks to our vertical expertise.

Unlocking your channel, resolving contractual or brand registry issues, managing product unblocking, creating the right catalog for Amazon, optimizing shipping and charges, properly registering your trademark on Amazon, improving campaign performance, and defining alternative strategies for product promotion.

Whatever your specific problem is, we solve it.

Discover how.


Market strategy and analysis.

Amazon is a business environment with specific logics and dynamics. To define the most suitable strategy for selling your products, it is necessary to monitor and gather useful data to optimize your investment, uncovering competitor activities, pricing, growth opportunities, and profit margins. We provide you with the most suitable tools and our expertise to enter Amazon in the most effective way, saving you time and resources.


Opening a relationship with Amazon.

Seller or Vendor?
Together with you, we assess the most suitable solution for your company’s entry into Amazon, taking care of defining the best type of relationship in every detail, both in terms of contracts and operational aspects.


Administration is no longer an issue.

Payments, invoices, orders, VAT management, and receipt issuance: don’t worry about a thing anymore. Our dedicated team takes care of all the formalities for you, ensuring full compliance with Amazon policies and saving you from delays and errors.


All set.
We’ll take care of it.

Are you facing challenges in managing the preparation and shipping of your products after successfully closing sales? Let our team handle the operations of labeling and order preparation, ensuring compliance with Amazon’s specifications. By doing so, we eliminate delays and setbacks, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and helping you achieve your goals.

WAC Alligator

There is only one way to accomplish all of this.

Discover Alligator, the tool we have specifically created for Amazon. A platform developed to analyze, monitor, and simplify the activities of your business in the world's largest marketplace.

Branding and product catalogue.

Amazon is a strategic sales channel for the growth of your business, and it is crucial that your products are represented in a functional and consistent manner to enhance your brand presence. We support you in creating the best content, helping you to compile the most suitable catalogue to enhance Amazon dynamics while respecting your brand identity.


Customer care. Always there.

Is managing customer relations complicated? Let our dedicated team of specialists, working 7 days a week to solve all issues related to returns, delays or errors, take care of it.


WAC Academy. We cultivate your talents.

In addition to providing you with all the necessary tools and expertise to establish your business on Amazon, we can provide you with specialised training for managing all Amazon tools independently . Through dedicated training courses for your company’s staff


Marketing, from A to Z.

ADV campaigns, promotions, discounting, product launches: the possibilities for boosting sales on Amazon are endless.

Our specialists are on hand to define the most comprehensive strategy, developed according to your objectives.

WAC Studio

The quality is evident in the results obtained.

To succeed on Amazon and stand out from competitors, it is essential to showcase the full potential of your brand. That's why we have created a dedicated division for studying and implementing optimal content strategies to position your brand and products effectively.
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