WAC alligator

The structured and comprehensive tool, created to manage and optimise your brand performance on Amazon.

Patented and developed entirely in house, WAC Alligator® encompasses a suite of features to support your sales and margin goals through constant monitoring of the performance of Seller and Vendor channels, identifying critical issues and growth margins at every stage of the of your strategy, checking stocks and sales, updating prices, accepting and managing orders, and generating shipping plans.
WAC Alligator® is a web platform designed to optimize and simplify online sales operations, offering functionality for companies that intend to sell using both Seller and Vendor channels. With an intuitive interface, it provides tools to analyze, monitor and effectively manage commercial activities on different marketplaces, both by extrapolating aggregate information useful for strategic planning and by allowing you to simplify actions that would otherwise have to be performed manually.

To further simplify ordering and shipping operations, WAC Alligator® includes tools for label generation and simplified mapping of lots, expiration dates and package composition, ensuring efficient logistics management.

Finally, it offers a modular system of customizable connectors for communication with eCommerce and external management systems, for fluid integration with other systems and platforms, ensuring greater flexibility and adaptability to the specific needs of each seller.

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Preliminary analysis

A clear and comprehensive vision to maximize your Amazon business startup.

WAC Alligator® is developed to take an in-depth look at the strategic characteristics of the scenario functional to business growth, through the analysis of all the data available on Amazon. Performance of existing competitors, user research related to the business area and growth margins in the specific market are just some of the elements at your disposal to define objectives, positioning, budget and operational marketing strategy before starting your presence on Amazon.
A considerable advantage to start without fail.

Catalog monitoring

Constant control of interactions, prices, sales dynamics and positioning.

Being present with your product catalog on Amazon means seeking the best interactions with your target audience, facilitating purchasing in any way. To do this it is necessary to have a clear and constant perception of the positioning of the products within the marketplace, verify the authority of the brand perceived by the public. To optimize warehouse and returns management, WAC Alligator® also includes a stock tracking feature with dynamic replenishment suggestions. This allows sellers to maintain optimal inventory and minimize waste and costs associated with returns and unsold items.

Account management

A single platform to easily get all the best that Amazon can offer.

WAC Alligator® offers advanced tools for generating reports and documents, facilitating communication and collaboration with suppliers and with the different Warehouses of the Vendor program. Thanks, for example, to the automatic generation of sales reports to be sent to suppliers and the generation of electronic invoices for vendor channels, accounting and document management processes become more efficient and accurate, allowing flows to be reconciled in a single application.

Performance marketing

Dall'analisi dei dati all'implementazione di campagne ADV mirate.

WAC Alligator® is also at your side in the creation and management of campaigns capable of fully using the potential of promotional tools within Amazon.

Adv, promotions, special offers and product launches take shape starting from an easy and immediate reading of the data, allowing you to obtain the optimal Return Of Investment on the budget dedicated to product promotion.

All in one dashboard.

WAC Alligator® is designed for easy consultation , at your own convenience . Thanks to the readily accessible dashboard designed for maximum operability.
Its analysis and monitoring dashboard provides a detailed overview of sales performance, including turnover trends, sellout by marketplace, best seller statistics and remuneration of marketing investments. This allows sellers to have a clear and immediate view of their online business, allowing them to make informed and strategic decisions to maximize profits.

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    #Account management#Performance analysis#Catalog monitoring#Account management#Performance analysis#Catalog monitoring#Account management#Performance analysis#Catalog monitoring

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