WAC alligator

The structured and comprehensive tool, created to manage and optimise your brand performance on Amazon.

Patented and developed entirely in house, WAC Alligator® encompasses a suite of exclusive and essential features to support your sales and margin goals through constant monitoring of all available Amazon data, accurately and promptly identifying critical issues and growth margins at every stage of your strategy development.
Preliminary analysis

A clear and comprehensive overview to maximise your Amazon start up.

WAC Alligator® is designed to deeply analyze the strategic characteristics of the business growth landscape by leveraging all available data in Amazon. Competitors’ performance, user searches related to the business domain, and growth potential in the specific market are just a few elements at your disposal to define objectives, positioning, budget, and operational marketing strategy before launching your presence on Amazon.
It provides a significant advantage to start off on the right foot.

Catalogue monitoring

Constant monitoring of interactions, prices, sales dynamics and positioning.

Being present with your product catalog on Amazon means seeking the best interactions with your target audience, facilitating purchases in various ways. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a clear and constant perception of product positioning within the marketplace, verify the perceived brand authority by the audience, implement a dynamic pricing strategy, and facilitate the alignment between user needs and product availability. All of this can be achieved by effectively utilizing the tools and dynamics offered by Amazon, smartly aligning the catalog with the data trends.

Account management

One platform to easily access all the best of what Amazon has to offer.

Thanks to the simple and intuitive console, WAC Alligator® allows you to efficiently manage the functionalities provided by your account, such as order collection and fulfillment, invoicing, payment, and returns, labeling and packaging operations in compliance with Amazon standards, and optimized management of inventory.

All of this is accompanied by detailed and real-time reporting to accurately identify all the actual costs of your activities, ensuring unparalleled precision.

Performance marketing

From data analysis to the implementation of targeted advertisement campaigns.

WAC Alligator® stands by your side in the creation and management of campaigns that fully leverage the promotional tools within Amazon.

Advertising, promotions, special offers, and product launches are tailored based on streamlined and real-time data analysis, ensuring optimal Return on Investment for your product promotion budget.

All in one dashboard.

WAC Alligator® is designed for easy consultation , at your own convenience . Thanks to the readily accessible dashboard designed for maximum operability.

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